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More than 80 municipalities and waste water companies use our intelligent trap ,WiseTrap, in the sewers today to combat rats.

This is done as part of a focused environmental strategy, its the goal to both optimise the rat control and to lower cost on maintenance of buildings, roads and sewers.

Below you can read about some of the municipalities and institutions that use our intelligent traps in their rodent control with great success.


Gribskov Municipality evict the rats

Municipality is securing all public buildings agai…

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Hedensted Waste Water has skipped rat poison

How it is done without rat poison   Customer Heden…

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Rat related damages on the sewage system decreases

Large savings due to less damages from rats  …

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School avoids infection from rats

Removing the dangerous rats from playgrounds and s…

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Sewer traps kill 26.000 rats in municipality

The municipality of Vejen lay off rat poison   Cus…

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