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SIM-card for WiseCon’s equipment

Please read the following to ensure that you order a SIM-card that will function in WiseCon’s equipment.

We recommend a SIM-card of the type Machine-To-Machine (M2M) This type of SIM-card is designed to be used in equipment such as WiseCon’s traps.

Below is a list of the functions that a SIM-card must have in order to work in a WiseCon trap.

1. Creates a connection to the internet, via. EDGE/2G*

2. Sends and receives SMSs on the same number

3. PIN lock must be turned off**

4. SIM-card must not be a prepaid card

* The SIM-card may not be forced to use 3G.

** Can be done by inserting the SIM-card into a mobile phone


WiseCon has a workshop that takes care of the maintenance and repair of products.

Products for repair may NOT be returned to WiseCon without prior agreement. You have to fill out the repair form below.

Please, contact Peter Hohnen or Peter Raahauge Jensen regarding repairs.