SIM-card info

SIM-card for WiseCon’s equipment

Please read the following to ensure that you order a SIM-card that will function in WiseCon’s equipment.

We recommend a SIM-card of the type Machine-To-Machine (M2M) This type of SIM-card is designed to be used in equipment such as WiseCon’s traps.

Below is a list of the functions that a SIM-card must have in order to work in a WiseCon trap.

1. Creates a connection to the internet, via. EDGE/2G*

2. Sends and receives SMSs on the same number

3. PIN lock must be turned off**

4. SIM-card must not be a prepaid card

* The SIM-card may not be forced to use 3G.

** Can be done by inserting the SIM-card into a mobile phone