Quality rodent control for companies


For companies where quality and control is essential

Effective protection against pests has become even more important with ongoing regulations of the use of poison. 

WiseCon offer solutions for control and surveillance of your business, so attack by rodents can be avoided or controlled. Our electronic traps and sensors send information to the data system WisePlan, so activity can be documented and reported in relation to the standards that are relevant to your business.

What can WiseCon do for you?

WiseCon have different types of equipment that can monitor if / when there is rodent activity within in or around your business.

The electronic sensor system Wise-I allows both to put sensors into cable trays and server rooms where movement of rodents must be detected before wiring are gnawed over and electronics are destroyed. Discrete traps can be set up around the building – provided with sensors so that activity is measured and mice/rats are killed if they are in the area. Both sensors and traps reports into WisePlan so that you can get statistics about the movement and catches, as well as monthly reports documenting your efforts against rodents.

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Companies located on the countryside or in more rural area, tend to have many mice and rats around their building. We recommend using WiseBox that can catch several mice or rats, before the traps needs empting.  When a rodent has been caught in the trap you automatically get notified by SMS and e-mail.

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We recommend the WiseTrap sewer trap as a rat barrier if there is sewage around the company. Rat problems typically stems from the sewer and a WiseTrap is the most effective rat barrier and rat trap on the market.

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Benefits of WiseCon’s solution

  • 24/7 surveillance – around the clock sensors keep guard, ensures your business and report activity (movement or killing) so you have peace of mind and full overview of the rodent situation.
  • Non-toxic – all of WiseCon’s equipment is poison free and can be used to secure your business both inside and outdoors.
  • Effective – kill the rodents immediately, so you do not have to wait 5 to 9 days for the poison work and thereafter have to find the rodent.
  • Documentation – activity is recorded and documented in accordance with required standards.

Food companies protect themselves against rats and mice

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