Rodent control in housing associations


Solution for housing associations

At WiseCon we know how important it is for you as a housing association to have a rat free environment. Only then is it possible to ensure the residents against the risk of infection, destruction, and a bad reputation.


Getting rid of the rats

Rat infestations typically originate from the sewer, where over 90 percent of the rats live. We tailor a solution for you, where we either install electronic WiseTrap sewer traps where the problems are coming from, or in all the wells in the infected area, depending on the extent of the problem.

During the clean we monitor the activity, and we will not move the sewer traps before your problem is solved. Typically, all rats have been eradicated after 3 months.

After a programmed clean out of the sewers with WiseTrap, a small number of traps will be installed in the sewer as gate keepers, so that rats cannot enter from the public sewer. The gate keeper traps will kill the rats that try to enter.




Benefits of WiseCon’s solution

  • Electronic WiseTrap traps kill rats directly in the sewer.
  • Data from the traps can document when the problem is solved.
  • Camera inspection after a programmed rodent clean out can provide a visual confirmation that the problem is solved.
  • 100 percent non-toxic – no risk of children and dogs being accidently poisoned.
  • Rats are killed quickly and efficiently. They are flushed away with the sewage water, so any smells are prevented.
  • The trap is an effective rat blocker – but at the same time it kills the rats so they cannot gnaw through the barrier or up to the surface. 

This is how we have helped other housing associations

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