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Solution for schools and other institutions

WiseCon has for several years worked with municipalities to ensure public buildings.

A rat infestation in a school or institution poses a serious risk of infection for the children and employees. Rats carry up to 55 diseases that can infect humans – some of these are fatal – and the infection is not transmitted only by direct contact with the rat, but typically from contact with urine, droppings or materials the rats have touched. To ensure the health of the children and employees , it is important to secure against rats.

Another major reason to avoid rats are the fact that thet can do damange for millions, if they first penetrate from the sewer into the wall and roof construction.

For kindergardens and nurseries, the problem is not just rats. Visit of mice in the cribs or prams that the children sleep in is a common phenomenon, and as mice in urban areas can carry the same diseases as rats, the visit of rodents should in general be avoided.

Getting rid of rats and mice

Control of a rat problem or protection against a rodent infestation is best done by killing the rats in the sewer. Over 90 percent of all rats live in the sewer. If you have rats on the surface it typically implicates that there are many rats in the sewer.

The WiseTrap is installed in the sewer, and it kills the rats quickly, efficiently and without using poison. To protection of any building the WiseTrap is the most effective rat blocker – it not only keeps the rats out but kill the ones that are trying to enter the building though the sewer.

If rats are already present – something WiseCon document with a camera recording – the is most effective solution is to put more WiseTraps down so the whole area is cleared of rats once and for all.

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Poison free mice control

Non-toxic protection against mice can be made by installing a WiseBox – a multi catch trap that kills the mice and rats by eletrocuting them. The trap is placed along the wall – for example in the shed with prams – or along the building to the playground, and thus can effectively replace the traditional trap and bait boxes previously used around the buildings. The trap will automatically send information to your cell or email – and can be set to be active only outside the opening hours.

WiseCon also offers an electronic solution for monitoring activity in the nusery or basement, so you can detect any visit of mice and rats before they become a major problem. The system Wise-I includes both sensors and traps.

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Advantages of WiseCon’s solution

  • Completely non-toxic – no risk of poisoning humans, animals or the environment.
  • Efficient – WiseTrap kill rats where they live, nest and eat. There is no need for bait – sensors detect heat and movement and kill the rat instantly.
  • Without nuisance – dead rats in the sewer will be flushed away with the sewage water. On the surface they are in automatically put into the trap’s waste bin. This means that there is no odor from poisoned animals hiding somewhere waiting to die.
  • Documentation – the traps send info (sms / email) so it can be proved whether there is rodent activity or the problem is solved.
  • Electronic surveillance is also possible in the kitchen cabinet or kabeltrays in general places where you do not want place poison.
  • Humane killing methods – our equipment is tested and approved to be the fastest and most humane way to kill rodents.

School get rid of rat problems

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