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Rats are a daily problem – Solution for Waste water companies

WiseCon has worked with municipalities and waste water companies in Denmark and abroad for years. Wherever the rodents have made an infestation WiseCon has the solutions to get rid of it, and that is without using poison.

It is well known that rats live in the sewer where they, nest, eat, gnaw and do damage for millions every year. Therefore, will any excavation or sewage project typically cause rodent problems – both for the residents of the affected area who are experiencing rats in the toilets, basements or in their gardens and for the people responsible for carrying out the project.

Rats also need to have access to fresh water. This means that the majority of treatment plants experience problems with rats. An experience that can be very expensive if the rodents attack the treatment plants’ membranes.

Prevention with WiseTrap

If the sewer trap ,WiseTrap, is installed BEFORE the renovation of the sewer or any excavation project, the risk of rats on the surface is preventable. The rats are eradicated by WiseTrap as when they are moving around in the sewer, and they can therefore not cause infection, damage or problems when the project starts.

We have examples from waste water companies in Soro and Holstebro, Denmark, who have chosen to install traps in all sewers, for example in a village to remove the rodent nuisance before a sewer renovation.

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Rat control with WiseTrap

Use WiseTrap sewer traps for example around the town square where leftovers from market days or restaurants with outdoor seating attracts rats and can become a problem if the rat population are not kept down.

Ensuring sewers with WiseTrap

Mounting WiseTraps at the entrances to a newly renovated sewer area will keep the rats out and extend the life of the sewers.


Ensuring treatment plants with WiseBox

The multi-catch surface trap ,WiseBox, kill rats by electrocuting them. The advantage of the trap is that it can contain 10-15 dead rats in the build-in waste bin, and it even sends a message (SMS or email) when it needs emptying.

At the treatment plant, it is advantageous to build barriers so the rats’ normal access is blocked and they are forced to pass through the trap. By doing that you can relatively quickly solve the rat problem on the surface, and protect the plant from damage.

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Advantages of WiseCon’s solution

  • No bait required in WiseTraps – these traps kill the rats where they live, nest and eat.
  • Effective pest control that can be documented – statistics show when the problem is resolved and the traps can be moved.
  • Data can be transferred to your own operating system/software.
  • Kill rodents instantly –  Dead rats are flushed out with the sewage water.
  • WiseTraps are available in different dimensions, so it can be used in most sewer pipes.
  • The multi-catch surface trap WiseBox – will inform you when it needs inspection via SMS or email.
  • Completely non-toxic – which is better for the environment.

Customer cases

Learn more about how other waste water companies use WiseCon’s traps in their daily work under water and sewage customer cases.

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