The story of WiseCon


Savaged baby was the beginning of the invention

The beginning of the invention of the first intelligent rat trap for rat extermination  in the sewerage system, was the story about a baby in a pram, who was savagely  bitten by a rat.

The attacking rat, as 90 percent of all rats seen on the surface, originated from the sewerage.

This story in 2005 gave the idea for creating a trap for pest control directly in the sewerages and after close collaboration with experts of the area like e.g. Danish Pest Infestation Laboratory, WiseCon was founded in 2008.


Revolution of rat control

WiseCon has revolutionised the market for pest control with sustainable traps which is radically different fromother methods as they are all based on green-tech innovation which combines advanced technology with knowledge of the habits of mouse and rats.

This method is also gentle to the environment as the traditional method is otherwise the use of rodenticides – more than 685 tons of rat-poison is used in Denmark alone each year – to the detriment of e.g. predators and raptors.


Poison free and intelligent solutions

The intelligent solutions are able to exterminate rats and mice everywhere – in the sewerage with WiseTrap, on the surface with WiseBox and professional surveillances are made with the Wise-I system.

All products communicate with the data system WisePlan which is a database containing information from the traps like statistics of shots fired, conditions of the batteries, service conditions and is also used to manage the traps.

Even though our core business is pest control, we feel strongly about animal welfare as well. The non-toxic traps kill the rats and mice within few seconds making sure they do not suffer – in contradiction to pest control with pesticides where the death is slow and painful.

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