Company profile


WiseCon’s employees and their work

WiseCon A/S is a Danish privately owned company, developing, producing and selling intelligent IOT based equipment for exterminations of rodents. 

WiseCon commenced its activities in 2008 after 4 years of research and now employs more than 60 people working in Helsinge, north of Copenhagen.

WiseCon has dedicated, competent and skilled employees who train and provide service to partners and customers.

All our products are developed, designed, produced and distributed from the company’s place of business in Denmark. They are protected by extensive patents. Our products and methods are tested and approved all over Europe.


WiseCon going global

WiseCon is represented in most of the European countries and continuously seeks further development in new markets.

Our products and concepts are distributed to more than 1000 professionals meaning more than 30.000 of our products being installed around Europe.


WiseCon’s solutions

WiseCon’s solutions are installed at local authorities, water supply companies, housing sectors, stores, food- and pharmaceutical companies.

Furthermore we have a strong collaboration with opinion leaders and experts within the area of pest control.

WiseCon develops new solutions and improves existing concepts by focusing on advanced technology and knowledge of habits of rats.

We strive for creating a healthy and rodent free environment by using field-proven and approved equipment for killing the pests as quickly and painlessly as possible.


… in other words; WiseCon is the leading company in the field of intelligent rat extermination.

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