Why choose WiseCon?


We are experts in intelligent rodent control

WiseCon has 10 years experience in the efficient, intelligent and non-toxic rodent control. This covers everything from the R&D of our traps to perform a programmed clean rodent control clean-out for our customers.

Our Danish-made traps are non-toxic and effectively solve problems with rats and mice – both above ground and in the sewer.

We are of course ready to give you the best advice and will work with you to find the solution that best suit your situation.

How our sewer trap WiseTrap works

The rats live in the sewer and it is from the sewer that they usually invade homes and businesses. We are the only company that offers an effective trap for the sewer that kill rats quickly and effectively directly in the sewer. 

The trap is mounted in the sewer and has sensors that detect heat and motion. Upon identification of a rat the rat moving past the trap will be killed immediately.

WiseTrap is the most effective weapon in rodent control as the rodents are not lured by bait, but are killed in their natural habitat. 

WiseTrap sends a message to the data system WisePlan when a rat has been killed, and therefore it is possible to know when an area is free of rats. 

By performing a programmed clean out with WiseTraps in the sewer of for example a residential area, even severe infestations have been solved quickly, effective and without the use of poison. 

The trap is tested and approved by the German authorities as the fastest, most effective and humanly way to kill rodents.


Rodent control above ground 

Experience shows that a rodent problem on the surface typically is caused by a rat infestation in the sewer. An extermination with WiseTraps in the sewer will therefore also remove the problems with rats on the surface.

WiseCon also have non-toxic solutions to control of mice and rats on the surface – The trap WiseBox, and monitoring system Wise-I that can detect unwanted rodent activity.

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