Effective surveillance against rats and mice

  • Non-toxic monitoring solution against rats and mice.
  • Monitoring of building and area, both inside and outside.
  • Monitoring 24/7 - incl. effective spring trap.

Use of Wise-I

Wise-I is a wireless system, which consists of 3 parts; Wise-I Master (master), Wise-I Trap (trap) and Wise-I Pir (sensor). One master can connect up to 50 devices (traps and / or sensors) in a wireless grid.

The system is used in and around buildings where it monitors rodent activity around the clock. If rodent activity is registered, you will immediately be notified online (WisePlan), as well via SMS and email. This means that the rodent atvity can be examined straight away - and a programmed clean out can be deployed if possible. 

Wise-I has a unique communication system. Each trap and sensor can report info on to the master through the other connected sensor or traps units in a wireless network.


Transmission PIR to link system


Installing Wise-I

The Wise-I system can be installed both outside and inside and in hard-to-reach places, such as cable trays, server room or production facilities.

A single system can cover a large area, and it is flexible due to its many uses. It is ideal to use in all places where an effective rodent control solution against rats and mice is required.

Read more about the different devices of Wise-I below.

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Effective control of rats and mice on the surface

  • Effective multi-catch trap.
  • Self-emptying - capture up to 5-7 rats in the disposal bucket before it needs emptying.
  • Poison free - can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Use of WiseBox

Multi-catch surface trap that exploit the rodents instinct to seek security and protection. When a rodent enters the WiseBox, the trap closes and the rodent is killed quickly and efficiently with an electrical current. The body is deposited in a plastic bag in a closed container; the trap then returns to the start position and rearms ready for the next catch.

The intelligent WiseBox notifies you online (WisePlan), and via email and SMS, for example, when there is a catch, when the bin is full and must be emptied or when the battery needs replacing.

With these intelligent and poison free traps it is possible to plan a systematic and effective rodent control on the surface, so that even severe attacks can be fought.


Installing WiseBox

The trap is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. The should be placed up against buildings and walls. It can also be used in, for example parks and more open areas.

The WiseBox trap comes in 6 different models. The choice of model depends on whether you use the trap indoors or outdoors and what your need is for information.

You need to decide based on whether you want a trap that is battery driven or use a fixed power supply. It you choose a model with battery you can choose to have a trap with solar panel, but this is best if the trap is installed outside. And whether you need an intelligent model (that sends info about catches, battery status, temperature, etc.) or you wish to check the trap manually. Find the model that suits you below.


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Infrared camera for recording of rodent activity

  • WiseCam is a robust infrared camera.
  • It films rodent activity in complete darkness.
  • Determines rodents whereabouts in the sewer, the attic and other places where these pests occur.


Use of WiseCam

The camera is used to document the various phases of a programmed rodent clean out. It provides us with a constant overview of the situation. 

It is simple to use and easy to install. It is built to withstand the harsh environment of the sewers.

Recordings can be viewed and evaluated directly on the camera's built-in display.

It has 3 different recording modes; constant recording, movement detection, as well as heat and movement detection.


Installing WiseCam

For recordings in the sewer, you place WiseCam on a hanger at the top of the well. From here it is also easy to change the memory card or battery in the camera.

For recording on the surface, position WiseCam to be filming the affected area, for example, a courtyard, a basement or production hall.

© - WiseCam Infrared camera for recording of rodent activity


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Documentation and administration of intelligent traps


  • Collects information from traps.
  • Provides statistics on the number of rats and mice killed.
  • You can provide authorities and auditors with documentation of your rodent control efforts.


Use of WisePlan

WisePlan is the digital operating system that manages all WiseCon's intelligent traps online. This is where it is possible to find statistics of killed rodents and operation information that the traps send to WisePlan through the SIM card they have installed. This digitalisation is the core of all our high-tech equipment, because all data from the traps is collected and used for documentation of the rodent control.

All your trap information about rodents killed, info on operation, battery level and location is visible on WisePlan. It is a professional tool that is used to plan abatement projects and manage the traps. It is also ideal to use for quality control for authorities and auditors, as they can be given evidence that there has been no activity from rats or mice.

Of course you can only see your own traps - like other customers obviously do not see your traps.

The communication from the traps results in a clear optimisation of resources for those in charge of the traps as they do not need to constantly visit manholes in order to gain an insight into their operation. They can instead do it online.

All WiseCon's intelligent devices have built-in GPS, and their location can be stored / changed on a Google map.


Installing WisePlan

WisePlan is accessed via the Internet. You must register as a new user when you buy the first traps. Here you must have the trap's serial number and control code ready.

Creating a new user and login to WisePlan is done through WiseCon's website. Please, go to login at the top of our homepage to do this.  

You can log on to WisePlan from your computer, tablet and mobile, as long as are connected to the internet.

© - WisePlan documentation and administration of intelligent traps

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Effective rat control in the sewer

  • The most effective rat traps and rat blocker in the market.
  • Kill rats directly in the sewer - where they feel most safe. 
  • When rats meet the trap in the sewer there is no way around it.
  • Clear entire sewer systems permanently for rats.


Use of WiseTrap

The trap installed in the sewer from a manhole and kills rats directly in the sewer. The intelligent sewer trap, WiseTrap, has the last 10 years set new standards for rodent control.

Two sensors at the base of the spring loaded trap unit measure temperature and a pattern of movement. The mechanism only fires on identification of a rat. If the trap identifies a rat, blunt spears shoot from the base of the trap unit killing the rat instantly. The spears automatically retract into the cylinder housing and the trap is re-set ready to fire again. The dead rodent is washed away by the normal flow in the system; it does not cause any obstruction or restrict the flow.

The intelligent trap sends info about the number of killings, the water level in the sewer, etc. so that from WisePlan it is possible to have the full overview of the rodent control situation and thus when the rat problem is solved.

Through a well-designed abatement plan, which is based on blueprints of the sewer network WiseTraps can eradiate even the most difficult infestations, while ensuring that the rat problem does not return.


Installing WiseTrap

WiseTrap consists of a trap unit and an electronic control unit. It is easy to install in the sewer pipe from the surface with a mounting rod. 

WiseTrap sewer trap fits all drain and sewer systems with a pipe diameter of 100 mm (internal diameter) and up to 250 mm. The trap can be installed in the pipe types of clay, concrete, PVC, and in all wells that are over Ø 315 mm in diameter.

There are 12 different models - depending on the dimension of sewer pipes, power supply and the well to install it in. Find the trap size that suits you below.

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WiseTrap Pipe


Effective rat trap for visible sewer pipes

  • The most effective rat trap and rat blocker in the market.
  • Kill rats directly in the sewer - where they feel most safe.
  • When rats meet the trap in the sewer there is no way around it.


Use of WiseTrap Pipe

Effective sewer trap for mounting directly onto visible sewer pipes for example in cellars. Available for pipes Ø 160 and Ø 200 mm

The trap consists of two parts, a trap unit and an electronic control unit.

The trap is installed permanently into the sewer pipe and protects against rats trying to enter the building from the main sewer.

The trap detects when a rat is trying to pass it, and it shoots out blunt spears that break the rat's back so it dies immediately. The trap recharge and is ready for the next rat. The dead rat is flushed out to the main sewer with the sewage water. 


Installing WiseTrap Pipe

To install a WiseTrap Pipe, a licensed plumber has to install a Gustavsberg inspection hatch, the trap unit can be mounted on.

WiseTrap Pipe fit pipes with dimensions Ø 160 mm and 200 mm. Details on the various models are below.

© - WiseTrap Pipe Effective rat trap for visible sewer pipes

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Wise-I accessories

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WiseBox accessories

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WiseCam accessories

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