Effective surveillance against rats and mice

  • Non-toxic monitoring solution against rats and mice.
  • Monitoring of building and area, both inside and outside.
  • Monitoring 24/7 - incl. effective spring trap.

Use of Wise-I

Wise-I is a wireless system, which consists of 3 parts; Wise-I Master (master), Wise-I Trap (trap) and Wise-I Pir (sensor). One master can connect up to 50 devices (traps and / or sensors) in a wireless grid.

The system is used in and around buildings where it monitors rodent activity around the clock. If rodent activity is registered, you will immediately be notified online (WisePlan), as well via SMS and email. This means that the rodent atvity can be examined straight away - and a programmed clean out can be deployed if possible. 

Wise-I has a unique communication system. Each trap and sensor can report info on to the master through the other connected sensor or traps units in a wireless network.


Transmission PIR to link system


Installing Wise-I

The Wise-I system can be installed both outside and inside and in hard-to-reach places, such as cable trays, server room or production facilities.

A single system can cover a large area, and it is flexible due to its many uses. It is ideal to use in all places where an effective rodent control solution against rats and mice is required.

Read more about the different devices of Wise-I below.

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