Effective control of rats and mice on the surface

  • Effective multi-catch trap.
  • Self-emptying - capture up to 5-7 rats in the disposal bucket before it needs emptying.
  • Poison free - can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Use of WiseBox

Multi-catch surface trap that exploit the rodents instinct to seek security and protection. When a rodent enters the WiseBox, the trap closes and the rodent is killed quickly and efficiently with an electrical current. The body is deposited in a plastic bag in a closed container; the trap then returns to the start position and rearms ready for the next catch.

The intelligent WiseBox notifies you online (WisePlan), and via email and SMS, for example, when there is a catch, when the bin is full and must be emptied or when the battery needs replacing.

With these intelligent and poison free traps it is possible to plan a systematic and effective rodent control on the surface, so that even severe attacks can be fought.


Installing WiseBox

The trap is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. The should be placed up against buildings and walls. It can also be used in, for example parks and more open areas.

The WiseBox trap comes in 6 different models. The choice of model depends on whether you use the trap indoors or outdoors and what your need is for information.

You need to decide based on whether you want a trap that is battery driven or use a fixed power supply. It you choose a model with battery you can choose to have a trap with solar panel, but this is best if the trap is installed outside. And whether you need an intelligent model (that sends info about catches, battery status, temperature, etc.) or you wish to check the trap manually. Find the model that suits you below.



200 100

WiseBox 1 – intelligent – with solar panel – 12 V Our most popular product, intelligent and with sol…

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200 110

WiseBox 2 – intelligent – 12 V Intelligent trap and therefore ideal for those who need to know autom…

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200 200

WiseBox 3 – unintelligent – with solar panel – 12 V With solar panel so the battery last longer. Wit…

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200 210

WiseBox 4 – uintelligent – 12 V Multi-catch trap with 12 V battery. Without SIM card (unintelligent)…

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210 100

WiseBox 10 – intelligent – 230 V  Intelligent trap, which means it sends operation info to your mobi…

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210 200

WiseBox 11 – uintelligent – 230 V Recommended for you that can inspect the trap often. WiseBox 11 co…

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