Infrared camera for recording of rodent activity

  • WiseCam is a robust infrared camera.
  • It films rodent activity in complete darkness.
  • Determines rodents whereabouts in the sewer, the attic and other places where these pests occur.


Use of WiseCam

The camera is used to document the various phases of a programmed rodent clean out. It provides us with a constant overview of the situation. 

It is simple to use and easy to install. It is built to withstand the harsh environment of the sewers.

Recordings can be viewed and evaluated directly on the camera's built-in display.

It has 3 different recording modes; constant recording, movement detection, as well as heat and movement detection.


Installing WiseCam

For recordings in the sewer, you place WiseCam on a hanger at the top of the well. From here it is also easy to change the memory card or battery in the camera.

For recording on the surface, position WiseCam to be filming the affected area, for example, a courtyard, a basement or production hall.

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