Documentation and administration of intelligent traps


  • Collects information from traps.
  • Provides statistics on the number of rats and mice killed.
  • You can provide authorities and auditors with documentation of your rodent control efforts.


Use of WisePlan

WisePlan is the digital operating system that manages all WiseCon's intelligent traps online. This is where it is possible to find statistics of killed rodents and operation information that the traps send to WisePlan through the SIM card they have installed. This digitalisation is the core of all our high-tech equipment, because all data from the traps is collected and used for documentation of the rodent control.

All your trap information about rodents killed, info on operation, battery level and location is visible on WisePlan. It is a professional tool that is used to plan abatement projects and manage the traps. It is also ideal to use for quality control for authorities and auditors, as they can be given evidence that there has been no activity from rats or mice.

Of course you can only see your own traps - like other customers obviously do not see your traps.

The communication from the traps results in a clear optimisation of resources for those in charge of the traps as they do not need to constantly visit manholes in order to gain an insight into their operation. They can instead do it online.

All WiseCon's intelligent devices have built-in GPS, and their location can be stored / changed on a Google map.


Installing WisePlan

WisePlan is accessed via the Internet. You must register as a new user when you buy the first traps. Here you must have the trap's serial number and control code ready.

Creating a new user and login to WisePlan is done through WiseCon's website. Please, go to login at the top of our homepage to do this.  

You can log on to WisePlan from your computer, tablet and mobile, as long as are connected to the internet.

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