Effective rat control in the sewer

  • The most effective rat traps and rat blocker in the market.
  • Kill rats directly in the sewer - where they feel most safe. 
  • When rats meet the trap in the sewer there is no way around it.
  • Clear entire sewer systems permanently for rats.


Use of WiseTrap

The trap installed in the sewer from a manhole and kills rats directly in the sewer. The intelligent sewer trap, WiseTrap, has the last 10 years set new standards for rodent control.

Two sensors at the base of the spring loaded trap unit measure temperature and a pattern of movement. The mechanism only fires on identification of a rat. If the trap identifies a rat, blunt spears shoot from the base of the trap unit killing the rat instantly. The spears automatically retract into the cylinder housing and the trap is re-set ready to fire again. The dead rodent is washed away by the normal flow in the system; it does not cause any obstruction or restrict the flow.

The intelligent trap sends info about the number of killings, the water level in the sewer, etc. so that from WisePlan it is possible to have the full overview of the rodent control situation and thus when the rat problem is solved.

Through a well-designed abatement plan, which is based on blueprints of the sewer network WiseTraps can eradiate even the most difficult infestations, while ensuring that the rat problem does not return.


Installing WiseTrap

WiseTrap consists of a trap unit and an electronic control unit. It is easy to install in the sewer pipe from the surface with a mounting rod. 

WiseTrap sewer trap fits all drain and sewer systems with a pipe diameter of 100 mm (internal diameter) and up to 250 mm. The trap can be installed in the pipe types of clay, concrete, PVC, and in all wells that are over Ø 315 mm in diameter.

There are 12 different models - depending on the dimension of sewer pipes, power supply and the well to install it in. Find the trap size that suits you below.

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100 110

WiseTrap 1 – Ø 110  mm – 12 V – standard shield Fits manholes from Ø 315 mm. This model uses battery…

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100 160

WiseTrap 1 – Ø 160 mm – 12 V – short shield This trap can be used in wells from 315 mm dia. It uses…

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100 200

WiseTrap 1 – Ø 200 mm – 12 V – short shield Rat trap for the sewer can be used in manholes from 315…

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101 160

WiseTrap 1 – 160 mm – 12 V – standard shield This model is used in wells from Ø 500 mm. The trap use…

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101 200

WiseTrap 1 – Ø 200 mm – 12 V – standard shield Suitable for manholes from Ø 500 mm. This model uses…

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101 250

WiseTrap 1 – Ø 250 mm – 12 V – standard shield FLEX  This trap model can be used in wells from Ø 500…

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110 110

WiseTrap 2 – Ø 110  mm – 230 V – standard shield Trap that must be installed in wells from Ø 315 mm…

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110 160

WiseTrap 2 – Ø 160  mm – 230 V – short shield The trap is used in manhole from 315 mm dia. Connectio…

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110 200

WiseTrap 2 – Ø 200 mm – 230 V – short shield Must be used in wells from 315 mm dia. Must be connecte…

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111 160

WiseTrap 2 – 160  mm – 230 V – standard shield This rat trap must be installed in wells from Ø 500 m…

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111 200

WiseTrap 2 – Ø 200 mm – 230 V – standard shield The rat trap is installed in wells from Ø 500 mm. Th…

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111 250

WiseTrap 2 – Ø 250 mm – 230V – standard shield FLEX  The trap’s standard FLEX shield means that it f…

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