WiseTrap Pipe®


Effective rat trap for visible sewer pipes

  • The most effective rat trap and rat blocker in the market.
  • Kill rats directly in the sewer - where they feel most safe.
  • When rats meet the trap in the sewer there is no way around it.


Use of WiseTrap Pipe

Effective sewer trap for mounting directly onto visible sewer pipes for example in cellars. Available for pipes Ø 160 and Ø 200 mm

The trap consists of two parts, a trap unit and an electronic control unit.

The trap is installed permanently into the sewer pipe and protects against rats trying to enter the building from the main sewer.

The trap detects when a rat is trying to pass it, and it shoots out blunt spears that break the rat's back so it dies immediately. The trap recharge and is ready for the next rat. The dead rat is flushed out to the main sewer with the sewage water. 


Installing WiseTrap Pipe

To install a WiseTrap Pipe, a licensed plumber has to install a Gustavsberg inspection hatch, the trap unit can be mounted on.

WiseTrap Pipe fit pipes with dimensions Ø 160 mm and 200 mm. Details on the various models are below.

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103 160

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103 200

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112 160

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112 200

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