Wise-I accessories®

Below are all Wise-I accessories.


200 940

WiseBox / Wise-I key Universal key that is used to open WiseBox, Wise-I Pir and Wise-I Trap. Bemærk:…

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300 900

Wise-I Pir Corner Mount Wise-I Pir Corner Mount is used when Wise-I Pir is used as a repeater to tra…

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300 901

Wise-I Pir Wall Mount The wall mount is used to fix Wise-I Pir to the wall. It can them function as…

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300 902

Wise-I Pir Mouse adapter  The mouse adapter is used when Wise-I Pir must be used for monitoring for…

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300 908

Wise-I Batteries – small package Lithium batteries in the small package (8 pcs.) for Wise-I Trap and…

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300 980

Wise-I Batteries – large package Lithium batteries in the large package (80 pcs.) for Wise-I Trap an…

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300 999

Wise-I Demo Suitcase Elegant Wise-I demo suitcase with all Wise-I products and accessories ideal for…

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