WiseBox accessories®

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100 910

Charger for WiseTrap, WiseBox and WiseCam batteries This charger used to charge WiseTrap, WiseBox an…

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200 900

WiseBox Battery Voltage: 12V Capacity: 5AH The WiseBox battery lasts for up to 3 months before it ne…

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200 905

Bait box for WiseBox  We recommend to use the bait box for WiseBox to exterminate mice. The bait box…

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200 910

WiseBox Waste Bag We always recommend that you use a waste bag in WiseBox waste bin to ensure good s…

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200 920

WiseBox Mounting Tool The WiseBox mounting tool is a supplement for the WiseBox mounting screws. Thi…

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200 930

WiseBox Mounting Screws This set contains: 2 pc. fastening spikes for use with soil. 2 pc. cement/ta…

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200 940

WiseBox / Wise-I key Universal key that is used to open WiseBox, Wise-I Pir and Wise-I Trap. Bemærk:…

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200 950

WiseBox Adaption Foam The foam is used to block the gap between a wall and a WiseBox, so the rodents…

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200 970

WiseBox Wall Mount WiseBox Wall mount is a bracket that can be mounted on a wall. It can either secu…

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