Avoid rats and mice


Fight the rats directly in the sewerage system

90% of all rats on the surface originate from the sewerage. When detecting rats on the surface in urban areas it often means there are lots of rats in the sewage system, which force the rats to the surface. The most effective solution is therefore to prevent and exterminate rats directly in the sewerage.

If you live in an area with severe rat problems, we recommend you to get a WiseTrap intalled in the well closest to property line, as it prevents the rats from entering your home (gate keeper).  

What to do to avoid rats and mice

If you wish to avoid rats and mice, and the resulting risk of serious infections and expensive damages, here is some advice to prevent unwanted visits:

  • Place a WiseTrap in the well closest to the property line (gate keeper).
  • Remember to install steel netting above the waste pipe airings.
  • Remember outlet gratings must be made of stainless steel and must be screwed on to the wall.
  • Remember that piles of waste, compost and bird feedings attract rats. Limit this as much as possible.
  • Repair all cracks in socles and facades.
  • Close basement windows.
  • Make sure doors and windows shut tight to the frames.
  • Seal open waste pipes and close old unused waste- and drain pipes.
  • Frequently check that your wells and waste pipes are intact and functional. Get a TV-inspection of the sewerage system every 5th or 6th year and repair damages quickly

If you follow this advice the mice and rats will have tough conditions.

Are you in doubt whether you have rodents please read: Signs of rats.

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