How we exterminate rats in the sewer


Avoid rats on the surface

Rats live in sewers and when you kill them directly in the sewer, they also disappear from the surface.

Before we start an extermination in a sewerage system e.g. under a housing association, a hospital or a restaurant, we make an clearly-defined abatement plan based on the drawings of the sewer system.

Then we install our sewer traps, WiseTraps, and they systematically kill all the rats in the sewer. The traps are easy to install and they kill the rats quickly and effectively with blunt spears.

A well-planned extermination with WiseTraps provides the best basis for rapid and effective control of even high infestations; rats in the focus area will be eradicated and their numbers kept down permanently.


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How the extermination in the sewerage works

Figure 1: The infested area is isolated with one or more fixed WiseTrap gatekeeper traps. These will stay in the wells permanently and will protect the isolated area against rats trying to enter from the public sewer. At the same time, temporary WiseTraps are mounted in the wells in the isolated area.

Figure 2 and 3:  The traps begin to exterminate the rats in the sewer. The traps will report when there is no more rats activity near them. When all traps have reported that there is no more rat activity, it means that all rats in the isolated area have been killed.

Figure 4: All rats in the isolated area have been killed. The temporary traps are removed and the fixed gatekeeper traps will ensure that the rat-free sewage system remain free from rats in the future, as no rats from the public sewer can enter.

Note! If there is a breach in the sewer, or damages caused by rats it is extremely important to repair these to achieve the optimal effect of the gatekeeper WiseTrap, so the rats are kept out permanently.






Fig. 1:

The infested area is isolated with a permanent WiseTrap (gatekeeper trap) and temporary WiseTraps.









Fig. 2-3:

The traps exterminate the rats and give a report when there is no more rat activity.





Fig 4:

The permanent WiseTrap gatekeeper ensures that the area remains rat free and at the same time it keeps a low level of rats in the neighborhood.

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