Approvals and certifications

How our traps have been developed


Developed in cooperation with the Danish State Pest Laboratory

WiseCon’s products are designed to kill quickly, efficiently and as painlessly as possible. Both animal ethics and environment were important factors in the development of the products.

None of WiseCon’s products use poison. The traps are designed to take advantage of the rodent’s instincts and behavior. Poison – including rat and mouse poison is a serious threat to the environment when thousands of tons are used every year.

The poison has proven ineffective in reducing the number of rodents, while the rodents suffer a horrible, slow and painful death. WiseCon’s products are designed to kill instantly, efficiently and as painlessly as possible.

To achieve this the development of our products has been done in collaboration with the Danish State Pest Laboratory.




Quality tested and approved throughout Europe


Tested and approved in Germany

The traps are tested by biologists at German Ministry of the Environment’s Pest laboratory (UBA). They concluded that our products are 100 percent effective and officially approved them as being in the category of pest control products which are labelled as the most effective, humane and in accordance with animal welfare standards. This is called Infektionsschutzgesetz §18.

The German experts have studied that the rat is unconscious and dies within a few seconds in all WiseCon’s traps. The most effective trap is the sewer trap WiseTrap.






Tested and approved in Sweden

Our traps are also tested and approved by the Swedish Naturvårdverket, which is equivalent to the Danish Ministry of Environment.





WiseTrap approved as a rat blocker

WiseTrap has the Danish VA approval, which means that it is approved as a rat blocker for the sewer.

Below you can read or download the VA approval:

WiseTrap VA approval



VA godkendelse for WiseTrap

Approved by Danish Board of Safety


Member of the Danish PCO Association



CE approval

All products are of course CE marked.


If you would like to see any of our approvals and certifications please contact us.




ATEX approval

All WiseTraps sold from May 2017 are ATEX approved. 

Remember to purchase the ATEX approved battery (100 905) for a valid ATEX approval.

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