Signs of rats


 Rats leave traces. Some of the things to be aware of to detect rats are:

  • Check your wells, open the manhole cover. If you can you see rats or rat faeces it means you have rats!
  • Rats faeces – they are black or brown, cylindrical – around 6mm thick and 17mm long. They look like mouse faeces, but is significantly bigger.
  • A sharp and unpleasant smell which has a resemblance to sewerage or a pigsty.
  • Holes in the ground – often around foundation of the buildings or manhole covers.
  • Tiles or asphalt sinking or eroding is often caused by rats.
  • Holes in walls, panels etc. circular and with a diameter of a coin. You can look for freshly gnawed off shavings.
  • Sounds: Squeaking and scratching in walls, under floors and in storey partition can be both rats and mice – in both cases it potentially causes great harm to wires, insulations etc.
  • Water on the floor in the bathroom around the toilet can be a sign of rats visiting through the toilet.

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