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Effective solutions for pest control without the use of pesticides require systematic activities. WiseCon offers a unique overall solution for 24/7 surveillance of an area, prevention, extermination and removal of rats and mice everywhere – in the sewerages and on the surface and both inside and outside buildings. All non-toxic and intelligent with a direct online reporting.

Advantages of WiseCon’s products


WiseTrap – Intelligent technology for extermination in the sewerage

With this trap rats are strategically and efficiently exterminated in the sewerage system. When the rats are removed from the sewerage they will disappear from the surface too. This makes WiseCons concept unique as the rat problem is eliminated where the issue originates.

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WiseBox – Intelligent technology for extermination on the surface

A trap that kills rats and mice strategically and efficiently on the surface – along buildings both inside and outside, in parks and in open areas.

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Wiseplan – Data system to manage WiseCon’s equipment

WisePlan controls all traps and ongoing exterminations digitally. The system gathers data from the traps such as number of killed rodents, which can be used for documentation.

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Wise-I – Intelligent safety devices

Wise-I prevents and secures against rats and mice by constantly and efficiently monitoring both inside and outside buildings.

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WiseCam – Creates a general view of the extermination situation

WiseCam is used for defining pest issues before beginning the extermination. Extermination can continuously be adjusted through surveillance and at the end the pest problem is provable solved.

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